domenica 23 aprile 2017

The true meaning of 42

Cosa non si trova su Twitter! 💥 Ho appena scoperto Whoosp, a manputer 💥 che scrive su dumb jokes on tech, politics, tech, redundancy. Kind of a joke alt account for screaming into the void, except it's hard to tell what's a joke these days.
Oggi qualcuno mi ha ri-cinguetato questo: Mind blown. The meaning of life is *.

A dirla tutta poi continua con I will never write a regexp the same way again ma questa è comprensibile sono dai manputers (parola nuova che adotto fin da subito, anzi da primancora 💡).

Per il Progresso della Conoscenza ho googlato e trovato. Ecco la fonte --forse.

In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the supercomputer Deep Thought is built by a race of hyper-intelligent alien beings to determine the answer to "life the universe and everything."
Deep Thought determines that the answer is somewhat anticlimactically "42." It sounds like a joke but is there more to this answer? Douglas Adams was an unabashed computer nerd and knew a heck of a lot about programming language and coding. In programming an asterisk is commonly used to translate "whatever you want it to be." In ASCII language the most basic computer software "42" is the designation for an asterisk. A computer, Deep Thought, was asked what the true meaning of life was It answered as a computer would 42 == "anything you want it to be." Genius.

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