sabato 25 febbraio 2017

B0rk, un mystero insoluto

Le sorprese di Urban Dictionary --il mio dizionario preferito, anzi l'unico-- sono appallantyassay. Per esempio oggi:
Il Donald
"The Donald" in Italian, to draw a parallel between him and Il Duce (Mussolini), the fascist leader of Italy.
Il Donald isn't making America great again, but he sure is making it into early-20th-century Europe.

Viene quasi voglia di vedere se c'è Lui, sì! ecco:
A handsome and sweet boy, with the heart of gold. Can try and act hood once in a while, but for the most part is very awkward and weird. But still manages to win the heart of a certain lady.
I wish my boyfriend was a Silvio

E anche:
An amazing person who doesn't realize how awesome he really is. He can do anything he puts his mind to and is incredibly talented. He may be oblivious sometimes, but he is the most caring and nicest guy ever.
Hey look its Silvio

Perpluto; se continua così UDict non mi piace più, nèh!
OK, anche:
a WUL whore
my god dont be a silvio!

indove che WUL = Watched User List, a list of users on a message board one user respects, normally found in the profile.
OK, come dire utente finale. Ah! nn ci sono più le olgettine di una volta, Fiat-Chrysler gloria guida mundi

Ma ero venuto per cercare un'altra cosa, lemma direbbe chi che ha la lingua geniale,
Irreversibly damaged.
My soundcard is borked.

ma anche
Exclamation commonly used by muppet swedes.
Bork bork bork.

To Bork is to break in almost any way. can be used to completely replace "break" esp. pertains to rendering software done (aka borked, broken) or completely unusable, similar to bricking as well...
"Ryan borked his Renegade installation" "Ryan is borken, hes been thinking too much" "Jeremy borked his psp" "BORK BORK BORK BORK" "please dont bork it!"

Insomma troppe cose, a volte nemmeno UDict riesce a dipanare le ambiguità del Web. Come se non bastassero le fakes, tutto genuino qui --a parte il Donald e il Sivio e il Matteo (tutti 3).

va da se che io lo scrivo parej: b0rk

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