sabato 14 giugno 2014

Cinguettii - 12

Studi scientifici decennali

We can neither confirm nor deny

Lo sospettavo

Naming conventions in Europe, Asia and North Africa

If you are the smartest person in the room

No but seriously those pedestrians act like they own the road

Here's how people 100 years ago thought we'd be living today

Einstein, Pascal and Newton play hide and go seeksoluzione: SI

Guardar dall'alto in basso. Robert Doisneau photo

Avete ragione, c'è troppo cinismo e negatività negli ultimi Tweet

Drive-In Theater in San Fransisco, 1948

New York in 1931

SUCCESS: 26/26 (100%) Tests passed

Best. Mom. Ever.

San Francisco, of course

Cisalpina est divisa in partes tres


Why science is important

Ho imparato ad aspettare, finalmente

FC Barcelona's stadium, 1909

And I thought my job title slightly understated my actual role...

Qui si mette male

who you are or what you do define how you view the world around you

gli uomini possono pensare a due cose contemporaneamente

Never end a sentence with "scientists say"

Il perché dell'astronautica

Here's the National Stadium of Brasilia seen by the space station

Dev'essere ben buffa

Just in case...

Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein at the Bohr-Einstein debates over quantum mechanics

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  1. Sta arrivando il temporale, ma è Allevi, che mi preoccupa. Geniale, Juhan!