martedì 2 agosto 2016

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Mah, che t'aggia dicere Gugolplàs

Top Story: Hillary Clinton Holds Infant Grandson Upside Down By Ankle In Front Of Convention Crowd

Super Manne

That wonderful cartoon we're all sharing is by Kevin Necessary

Non lasciamola sola!

History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump

Conversazione con il tassista

This is what Lightening Striking Through The Clouds In Oregon looks like

THIS -- Trump

Photographer Fefo Boouvier captured a rare view of bioluminescent bacteria glowing in the ocean & the Milky Way

This is what the bow of a ship looks like during a storm

Tongue Rolling And Genetics

#PapaFrancesco <>

Space Invader

Someone told Donald Trump that Earth is the third planet in the solar system

Ingredienti: zucchero. Indicazioni: nessuna. Effetti terapeutici: nessuno. Prezzo: 2500 euro al chilo. #omeopatia

Renzi esulta: banche italiane tutte a posto. L'unica bocciata allo stress test è tedesca

This is heartening, America
razzismo != cultura

Davvero, c'è solo zucchero, niente altro


Galassie ellittiche e galassie spirali


Physics is awesome!

Oggi sono finito su ArXiv con il mio nuovo articolo scientifico

Torre Eiffel

intrigante, assay!

Quindi, una che ha avuto una consulenza con Ama per 12 anni

Tricky times at The New Yorker

Today's paper, an unintentional reminder to look at third party candidates like @GovGaryJohnson or @DrJillStein.

A man threw a pot of boiling water into the air above his head in -25 degrees resulting in a stunning snow cloud

Let's be honest: We're all just two drinks away

11 Words Invented By Italian-Americans
un gioco che mi piace; e qualcuna l'ho sentita anch'io (me): Broccolino, carro, goomba, ...

Really? The worst? In all of history? Can't think of anyone else?

Where Europe is most and least innovative, in 6 maps

Combine smart people with crazily hard projects

Quando la soluzione è proprio lì...sotto il naso!

Even poor @neiltyson has fallen victim

Imagine we switch to driverless cars, and they kill 100 people/month in the US

when i was a kid and all the adults told me "anyone can grow up to be president"

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