venerdì 9 giugno 2017

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here's a vending machine in a mall for buying Likes for your Instagram pics

Exclusive video: see 38 seconds of (literally) sheer terror as @AlexHonnold climbs El Capitan w/o ropes

Dear Liberals & Indepedents

How many nails can you balance on the head of one nail?

Rapunzel revised

Mi raccomando! Scegliete il vostro medico in base alla sua faccia

Concentric circles appear to be spirals that appear to go to the center rotating counterclockwise

If Sherlock is such a great detective why does it take him 90min to solve a crime
belli i commenti

the New York City Subway banned dogs unless they fit in a bag


Blondet ha scoperto il complotto dei Simpson

This drone is so good at avoiding obstacles that it can fence

Horizontally aligned bluish squares appear to tilt alternately

Italy rebuked for failure to prevent olive-tree tragedy

viaggio in Italia - Torino

The Riemann hypothesis is an open problem in mathematics

Oldest Fossils of Homo Sapiens Found in Morocco, Altering History of Our Species

The enigma of Italy's ancient Etruscans is finally unravelled

Theresa May's proposal of suspending human rights in UK is reasonable

Twitter you're just wrong for this. Hilarious, but wrong

#cazzate del #cazzaro

#ultimora Segue cura omeopatica e guarisce

Getting into bed with freshly laundered sheets; chipmunk edition

In 440 BCE Hippocrates of Chios proved that Four Lunes Equal One Square

Il valore pratico della scienza


History made: Former FBI director calls a sitting president a liar

We meet again...



‘O sole mio

graphic showing CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News chyrons throughout the Comey hearing

State diventando adulti

Anche se il timore avrà sempre più argomenti, tu scegli sempre la speranza

Meglio precisare, sempre

Boeing Studies Planes Without Pilots, Plans Experiments Next Year
katz! l'algoritmo 😯


now May effectively loses an election

It seems the @FBI Director agrees: sometimes the only moral decision is to break the rules

Già detto?

A subway-style diagram of the major Roman roads, based on the Empire of ca. 125 AD

If Trump doesn’t tweet before 6:13 am Eastern
il primo commento: Do you think he died

#JimMessina dopo aver fatto fuori Cameron, Hillary Clinton, Renzi al referendum... si è ripetuto con la May. Un grande rivoluzionario!

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